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If you are playing with a bunch of friends for fun, you dont have to finish out within a few feet. If you are in a tournament and it is stroke play, you must finish out. If you are playing match play, your competitor can determine if you have to finish out or not.

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Q: Does a golfer have the option to finish out his putt?
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What is a clutch putt?

"Clutch putt" is simply a term that is frequently used for a putt which a player must make, especially where there is a lot of pressure on them, for an average golfer it may simply be a 6 foot par putt, for a professional it could be a 10 footer to win a tournament or get into a play off.

What golfer said Never concede a putt?

Sam Snead, "Keep close count of your nickels and dimes, stay away from whiskey, and never concede a putt." According to "Golf Today"

Can your knee touch the putting green when lining up a putt?

Yes, your knee can touch the ground as you stand (or kneel) behind the ball to line up a putt. What "can't" be done by a caddie or golfer is touch the ground along the intended line of a putt.

What does it mean when someone says they are a feel golfer?

You have picked probably the hardest phrase in golf to explain. Feel is always used to describe the short game (wedge play and putting). Say there is two golfers, each have a 50 foot putt, the first golfer, reads the putt, reads the speed and focuses on his stroke mechanics and then hits the putt, that is a good example of no feel. The second golfer, would look at the target, see how much it breaks, judge the speed and then stroke the ball to the target because he has essentially felt how to do so, this is a feel golfer. Another example would be, if the golfers had a 30 yard pitch, the feel golfer would set up and judge how to hit it, whereas a non feel golfer would be thinking how hard to hit it. The feel golfer just knows.

Is it illegal to yell and distract a pro golfer during a putt or tee off?

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What is the answer to Jumble Puzzle of Jan 29 2010 in Toronto Star?

When the golfer described his incredible putt, it became a… Answer: WORDIE BIRDIE (lurid, itchy, beware, around)

Oldest golfer to finish in top ten of Masters Golf Tournament?

Jack Nicklaus

Can a golfer place his foot directly behind a ball on the putt green and step down as to leave an impression?

No, this is deemed "testing the surface" 2 stroke penalty or loss of hole

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