Does Venus have a child

Updated: 12/23/2022
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No she does not have a child nor does Serena Williams.

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Q: Does Venus have a child
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Who has a child Serena or Venus?


Did Venus Williams Have a child?

I dont know im not sure

What is the name of the child of Venus and Zeus?

Eros also known as Cupid

Did Venus's a Roman goddess have children?

Yes. The Roman (and thus Greek) gods slept around with mortals and gods... The most famous child of Venus would be Aeneas, the son of prince Anchises and the Venus. Venus (Aphrodite) and Mars (Ares) had four children: Cupido (Eros), Concordia (Harmonia) Deimus and Phobus (Greek only).

Where did Venus the goddess come from?

Venus or Aphrodite is actually a child of Uranus and Gaea. When Cronus (Kronus) killed Uranus, the blood of Uranus fell everywhere and it made a pink cloud that gave a birth to Aphrodite.

Why margot the only child who remember the sun?

Margot is the only child who remembers the sun because she had moved from Earth to Venus when she was very young, and experienced the sun's warmth and brightness before the perpetual rain and fog of Venus. The other children have only lived on Venus and so have never experienced the sun.

What is a cupid in Greek mythology?

No, Cupid was a Roman god, and the child of Mars and Venus. His Greek counter part was Eros, who's parent was Chaos. It is a very normal mistake to think he was the child of Ares and Aphrodite.

How much does Botticelli's The Birth of Venus cost?

Some time ago a Botticelli 'Madonna and Child Painting' was sold at auction for $7.5 Million.

What is the next planet after mars?

When considering distance from the sun, the planet that come after Mercury is Venus.

Is Venus smaller or larger than Venus?

Venus is exactly the same size as Venus.

Can we the Venus?

if you mean can we get to venus. I say that we cannot land on venus. It is capable to orbit venus

Does Venus Have A Moon?