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Q: Does Venus Williams have a different biological father than Serena?
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Who is Serena Williams's father?

Mrs Williams

Who is Serena Williams father?

Mrs Williams

Who coached venus and Serena Williams?

their father

Is Venus and Serena Williams's father married?

Yes their father is married.

Who is Venus Williams' coach?

Richard Williams (Her Father) Venus' father was her coach while she was growing up. He also coached her sister Serena Williams.

Is Richard Williams still alive?

Yes. The father of tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams is alive. He has remarried and is the father of an infant daughter.

Is Venus and Serena Williams sports heroes?

Serena Williams hero was her father and her favorite tennis player rick macci.she always new that if they werent there then she wouldn't win so now to answer yalls question heres the answer.

How did Serena Williams want to play tennis?

yes.. but she might want to do different things

Who trained Venus and Serena Williams?

Her father (Richard Williams) and mother (Oracene Price) taught her how to play tennis, although both she and sister Venus were coached for a time at Rick Macci's tennis academy in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Who are Serena Williams and Venus Williams?

They are both sisters who are famous American tennis players. their father's name is Richard Williams and mother is oracene price . Serena turned professional a year after her sister now Serena has won 13 singles grand slams , 11 doubles grand slams and 2 mixed doubles grand slam

Is Richard Williams father of Serena and Venus still alive?

I heard Richard Williams was born in the island or Antigua/Barbuda not too sure if it is true.

When did Venus Williams' father begin coaching Venus?

Venus William's mother and father first started coaching Venus in tennis when she was 5 and her sister Serena was 4.