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"Yes, St. Andrews Golf .While you are encouraged to bring your own clubs they do rent several top brands of clubs for you to enjoy.Either way the greens are fantastic and you will have a wonderful time."

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Q: Does St. Andrews Golf have equipment for rent?
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Where is st. Andrews golf club?

St Andrews golf club is in Fife, Scotland. The full address is 'Pilmour House, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9SF. It is one of the oldest and most famous golf courses in the world.

Where was golf's first first hole?

st Andrews Scotland

Which Scottish town is the home of Golf?

This is not where golf was created, but St. Andrews Golf Links (Old) is considered the home of golf.

Where is St Andrews golf course located?

St. Andrews Scotland is the home of the Royal and ancient golf course. It is one of the oldest golf courses in the world and one of the most respected. It has been the home of the British Open for many years.

Why are sports famous in St Andrews Scotland?

St Andrews is famous for Golf. It's one of the oldest Golf Courses in the world and is considered to be the centre of international Golf today.

Where and when was golf developed?

i hope you mean the sport and not the car? it was in Scotland

In what part of Scotland did golf originate?

St Andrews is referred to as the Home of Golf

What was the first golf course?

The first golf course was St. Andrews in Scottland

When was the Masters golf played at St Andrews?

The Masters was never played at St. Andrews. It is the Open Championship that is often played there.

Where will the 2010 Open Championship golf be held?

St. Andrews.

What has the author David Hamilton written?

David Hamilton has written: 'A history of organ transplantation' -- subject(s): Transplantation of organs, tissues, Organ transplantation, History 'Early golf at St Andrews' -- subject(s): Accounting, Equipment and supplies, Golf, History, University of St. Andrews 'Early Aberdeen golf' -- subject(s): Golf, History 'The healers' -- subject(s): History, History of Medicine, Medicine, Scotland

Where was Golf's British Open held in 2005?

st Andrews in Scotland