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Yes, she gets better but SPOILER ALERT----------- When she asks the committee for permission to go back in to Gymnastics again (she has to show off her skills after her accident), she is denied

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Q: Does Payson ever come back to gymnastics after she doesn't make the National team?
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Does payson have her back fixed on make it or break it or not?

Yes Payson has surgery to fix her back and rejoins gymnastics.

What kind of shot does Payson take in Make It or Break It?

Payson takes a cortisone shot to relieve the pain in her back

Will payson keeler ever do gymnastics again?

Sasha found a doctor who can do surgery on her back and then she can go back to gymnastics after recovery but will her mom and dad let her have the surgery? Improved: Yes she will. Because her parents let her have the surgery. But she can train now, but she isn't. I don't know why she isn't training. Even More Improved: Yes she will. Her parents let her have the surgery and she can train now but she won't because in the episode "All that Glitters" Payson broke her hence why she needed the surgery and she wont train because she is afraid her body will betray her so she can't trust herself to do what she needs to do to be the best again.

What episode does payson hurt her back in make it or break it?

All that Glitters its episode 10 of season 1

What episode does payson get her back fixed?

season 1 episode 19-20

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Well, the one thing I know is that way back when gymnastics was created - they competed naked.

What episode does payson break her back in make it or break it?

All that Glitters its episode 10 of season 1

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