Do golf carts need titles

Updated: 10/22/2022
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in some states Golf carts are required by law to be street legal and these vehicles are required to have a title from your dealer. The dealer must be registered with the DMV, much like a car dealer. Street legal requires lights, brake lights, one piece windshield, wipers etc. However in most states you are only required to register your vehicle with the DMV on your own for a permit. This does not require a tittle nor does it require you to be street legal by the definition above.

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Q: Do golf carts need titles
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Can you make golf carts street legal in Tennessee?

Yes, there is a way to make golf carts street legal in the state of Tennessee. The golf cart must be modified and meet several requirements to be titles as a low to medium speed vehicle.

Does Craigs List offer cheap used golf carts?

Yes. Craigslist does offer cheap used golf carts although the golf carts are not always of the highest quality compared to some other second hand online services to buy used golf carts



What companies service golf carts around St Pete?

There is a company called Fairway Golf Carts that services golf carts around St. Petersburg. There is also Saddleback golf cars and ABC Golf carts in Largo.

Do miniature golf courses have golf carts?

No. Mini golf courses do not have golf carts because they are small enough to walk around at. Also, all you are carrying is a putter so there is no need for a cart to carry all your clubs!

Who made pargo golf carts?

PARGO made pargo golf carts

How many golf carts does a golf course usually have?

They are mainly just two seaters, but you can get four seater ones.

Do Yamaha golf carts have an oil filter?

No, Yamaha golf carts use a splash style positive lubrication system, which eliminates the need for an oil pump and an oil filter. For more on Yamaha golf carts, visit the Yamaha site. (See Related Links.)

Where can I buy golf carts in California?

Saddleback Golf Cars has a large selection of golf carts in Orange County. Visit their website at

Does ringwood golf club have golf carts?

Yes it does.

Do you need to have insurance to drive a golf cart on the public streets?

Golf carts aren't allowed on highways, main roads, etc.

Can I make my golf carts into street legal golf carts?

Whether that's legal depends on your state. In Arizona, for instance, modifying golf carts to be street legal is allowed. Here's an article on that: