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Q: Can you wear shorts at Augusta golf course?
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Can you wear shorts after you get married?

Of course

What do they wear in Bermuda?

Bermuda shorts, of course!!

Can guys wear Vans with shorts?

Of course :)

Why don't PGA players wear golf shorts?

Tradition is still steeped in Golf. Just look at Scotland's history of the knickers tucked into boots on the Golf course. The rules have not changed much so why should the traditional dress? Short pants are for children of a certain age.

Can you wear vest tops with high-waisted shorts?

no of course you cant! no of course you cant!

What are the winter sports for girls?

soccer beach vollyball(must wear short shorts ) golf and laccross

Can a man wear dark tennis shoes with shorts?

yes of course he can

Can you wear high top sneakers with shorts?

Of course. Nothing looks hotter than when a girl wears short shorts with her Vans.

What kind of cloths do people wear in golf?

You can wear slacks or shorts with a Polo shirt if your a guy, ladies wear about the same but skorts or dresses can also be worn. The main thing is to wear something that will alow you to swing your arms and is not too restrictive. Golf also has a dress code to some extent, most courses do not allow jeans or cut off shorts, tank tops or t-shirts for men are not allowed.

Can size 8 wear short shorts?

Yes of course. I see short shorts in clothing stores that go all the way up to size 18.

Can you wear compression shorts as underwear?

Of course! Many sports players wear it as underwear and not just for sports, even as an everyday underwear. There is no reason not to.

Does la roux wear shorts?

No - she probably doesn't wear shorts.