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  • yes because at the Golf course u can wash them in this little thing with has soap and water and it will not hurt the ball.
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Q: Can you wash golf balls in dish washer?
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How do you clean the cake tin?

soak it in soapy water for awhile and then you can put it in the dish washer (if it's dish washer safe) or wash it by hand. :)

How many dishes can a dish washer wash in 1 cycle?


What is the person who wash dishes in a restaurant called?

A dish washer

What is a compound word that includes wash?

dishwasher because it means a washer that cleans dish.

How many liters in a dish washer?

The Dish Washer uses 40 litres of water per load a day!!!

How much water is used in a dish washer?

Most use about 6 gallons on a normal wash.

Can I wash my blender container in the dishwasher?

If the blender container is dish washer safe and contains no metals ,yes you can.

Does a dish washer clean dishes better than washing them by hand?

In general, it is much cheaper to do dishes by hand, but more time-consuming.This depends on:Cost of waterCost of Dish washing detergentCost of Dish washer dish washing detergentCost of heating waterCost of your timeCost of the dish washer, and dish washer repairs

Can you wash cloths in a dishwasher?

you can't wash clothes in a dish washer because it would not clean the clothes fully, maybe it won't even clean it half way.

What if you are boiling bottle nipples on the stove?

you realy shouldn't boil them on the stove . instead of boiling them put them in the dish washer two or three times . If you do not have a dish washer, wash the nipples, boil some water and put them in the boiled hot water and let them soak. Boiling them causes the rubber to break down.

A form for baseball hats that a person can use in the dishwasher to wash baseball hats?

I would not recommend washing your hat in the dish washer because it can ruin the dishwasher! if you do not want to shrink the cap then put it in the washer and then hang to dry!!! Do not wash your hat in any machine. It will ruin the bill. Wash it by hand in the sink, use a little brush. And keep the bill as dry as possible.

Can you wash fencing gear if so what parts can you wash?

Yes, you can wash it.You can wash all of it. Just shove it in a washer at cold temperature and air dry it. EXCEPT the mask. Including the mask, except. You place ONLY the mask in the dish washer, WITHOUT soap (unless you want soap stinging your eyes for the rest of the time you own that mask). I am not sure what cycle you need to use. I just use the normal one.