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Yes you can use a motor cross helmet for bmx riding i actually recommend it but that's my opinion

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Q: Can you use a mx helmet for bmx?
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Where can BMX helmets be purchased from?

You can purchase a BMX bike helmet from any retail bike shop, online or a store like Walmart . You can also look on ebay or craigslist for a BMX helmet

Can a bmx helmet be used to skateboard?


Can you stick stickers on a bmx helmet?

If you like.

PINK is married to which BMX Champ?

Carey Harte (MX champion)

How do you get James Stewarts helmet in mx vs ATV reflex?

you cant get James Stewart's helmet, red bull only let mx vs ATV make James Stewart wear his helmet

What do you need to be a bmx biker?

Basically you need a BMX and somewhere to ride it. Helmet, maybe some pads and gloves would also be nice.

Can you wear Skullcandy headphones over a helmet?

No, and why would you ask? And maybe you could if it was a old leather helmet. But given you're talking about Skullcandy I assume a standard Skateboarding helmet or BMX helmet or perhaps even snowboarding helmet.

Can you get a red bull helmet in mx vs ATV reflex?

No only on bubba

Pink is married to which bmx champion?

Carey Harte (not sure of spelling for last name). He is a mx champion I believe and has ridden with the Crusty Demons, although he probably started out with bmx!!

What do bmx riders wear over there body?

I race bmx and a fully suited rider wears motocross style jerseys, leathers, gloves, full face helmet, and closed toed shoes/

What stores might one find a BMX helmet for sale?

If one is looking to purchase a BMX helmet for sale one can try local sporting good supply stores such as Sport Chek. These are also available online on sites such as All Sport Protection, X Sports Protective, Amazon and eBay.

Does stickers on your helmet do anything to it?

Much research shows that there is no problem with have stickers on any form of helmet such as ; motor cycle helmets, bmx/shateboard helmets and any other form of crash helmets.