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no they forbidden but you can turn the slope function off and use it

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Q: Can you use a golf rangefinder with the slope function in golf tournaments?
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What is the best rangefinder?

Choosing a best rangefinder is not very easy. First of all you need to know about different facts of a rangefinder. If you are a golfer then you should choice a rangefinder which will be the best for golf.You need to think about some important criteria before buy a rangefinder:What you are looking for? Golf or Hunting Rangefinder or dual purpose rangefinder?What is your budget?Do you need a best rangefinder with any special features, like; slope, ballistic program, dual mood, jolt technology etc?

Where can I buy a Golf GPS Rangefinder?

You can purchase a Golf GPS Rangefinder at most sports stores, or outlet centers. The GPS Rangefinder can also be found for discounted prices online. A golf outlet center can be found here

Where can I get a Bushnell hybrid laser GPS?

The Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder is widely available. Many golf stores and websites carry the golf geared GPS rangefinder. Amazon also stocks it.

What does Golf GPS rangefinder retail for?

The price for the Golf GPS rangefinder varies by vendors but the price range I have seen is between $218 and $400. You should always price check items items between Amazon and Ebay for pricing differences.

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Are there professional senior golf tournaments?

Yes! it's called the senior tour, and it has many tournaments.

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what can i use my gps rangefinder apart from golf?

You can use it for any sport or for hiking. It can help figure distances to walk to.

Is it a necessity for golf insurance?

Your best bet is to ask yourself if you find it necessary. If you are to attend golf tournaments, some actually require you to have this kind of insurance, especially charity tournaments.

Golf GPS Rangefinder Overview?

A golf GPS rangefinder is a device that enables a player to pinpoint the distance to a geographical feature, such as a tree, water hazard or sand trap. The rangefinder can improve your game by providing precise measurements. This portable device displays an image of the course layout. This is important when you are attempting blind shots or playing on a new course. Rangefinders vary considerably in their ease of use, monitor size and libraries.