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Yes. Although it's highly ineffective as the plastic ball has virtually no "grip" on the lane. So, a lot of spin translates into very little reaction by the ball (the ball still goes pretty much straight, even with a lot of spin)

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Q: Can you spin a plastic bowling ball?
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A bowling ball has a diameter of 8.4in it is made of plastic that weighs .05lbs What is the weight of the bowling ball?

If the plastic in the ball weighs 0.05 lbs, and the ball contains nothing but the plastic, then the weight of the ball is 0.05 lbs.

What mineral would be inside of a bowling ball?

A bowling ball is made up of a plastic outercore

What is the Brunswick laser bowling ball good for?

No. This is a plastic ball and is not designed to hook.

What is in a bowling bowl?

A bowling ball is made from urethane, plastic, reactive resin or a combination of these materials.

What are bowling balls made of now?

A bowling ball is a round ball made from urethane, plastic, reactive resin or a combination of these

The physics principle behind spin bowling in cricket is based on?

Spin bowling is a rather simple idea compared to say swing bowling. Two basic physics concepts allow spin bowling to happen: inertia and friction. The basic plan is that the bowler releases the ball such that it spins laterally in a certain direction (toward either the leg or off side: bowler's choice). When the ball actually hits the ground, the inertia of the ball combined with the friction of the pitch turns the spin into a momentary roll. The ball thus converts some of its spin into kinetic energy to move the ball in the direction of the spin. So when it comes back up off the ground upon completion of the bounce, it's actually moving in a different direction. You can demonstrate this phenomenon for yourself with any simple ball capable of bouncing. Instead of simply dropping it onto a level floor, try dropping it while imparting a spin. When it hits the ground, you'll see the spin influence the direction the ball bounces. Spin bowling is simply a much-more-refined version of this technique.

What causes some bowling balls to slide and not roll down the lane?

the back spin you put on the ball, but how do you even ask a question on this site? i cant figure it out :/

What type of bowling ball do pros use for ten pin spares?


What is a bowling ball made of?

Some are plastic, most are a resin type material.

Which has more mass a bowling ball or a table tennis ball?

a bowling ball

What is the purpose of the bowling ball being made of plastic?

A plastic coverstock on a bowling ball helps when you need to convert particular spares, or when the lanes get incredibly dry. Since the plastic coverstock on plastic bowling balls is hard and non-porous, on most lane conditions, it's not going to hook very much. An example spare to be picked up is the 10-pin (for righties). Using a reactive resin bowling ball isn't always the best idea. If you hook the reactive resin bowling ball at the 10, odds are that you're probably going to throw it into the gutter because of the angle you're creating, or the ball it going to hook right past the 10. With plastic, no matter how many revolutions you put on the ball, most of the time the plastic ball isn't going to hook, so you can throw directly at the 10 with 600RPM and the ball won't hook all that much away from the 10 (on dry lanes, it's a completely different story).

Is a polyester Brunswick bowling ball good?

A polyester ball is also known as a plastic ball. The ball will not "hook", unless the bowler has a decent rev rate, or the lanes are dry.