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Q: Can you put a chair in a handicap stall?
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Can a vehicle park in a handicap stall?

Yes, but only if it is properly registered as a handicap vehicle.

Handicap Lift Chairs?

form_title= Handicap Lift Chairs form_header= Enable your handicap loved ones to get up and down. What is the maximum weight the chair needs to lift?*= _ [50] Do you want a leather chair?*= () Yes () No Have you used a lift chair before?*= () Yes () No

What are the handicap requirements of toilet paper in a handicap stall?

There really aren't any requirements. The only requirement is that the stall has to have a wider area, plus a wider door so a wheelchair can fit through the opening.

Will Medicare pay for the installation of a handicap chair lift?

There are limits but Medicare might pay for a handicap chair lift. Your physician must prescribe one for you based on an ailment you have and it must assist you in your daily living for it to be covered.

How reliable are wheel chair lifts on a bus?

These are constantly being checked on. Buses have no desire to be sewed by the handicap for purposeful neclect becuase they are handicap.

Are handicap chair lifts covered by insurance?

Yes, they are covered by most insurers and also by Medicaid. Yes, most handicap chair lifts are covered by insurance and government assistance. Wheelchair stair lifts are not covered by insurance though.

Where can I buy a handicap lift chair?

Handicap lift chairs are quite hard to purchase commerically. The best bet is to call a company that specializes in the product and have them install it for you.

What is another word for seat?

Bench, chair, chaise lounge, chesterfield, couch, davenport, lounge, loveseat, pew, recliner, settee, settle, stall, stool, and wing chair.

Can you change the rules for your 700 vs matches?

Yes put it on 1 stock put handicap on have the computer have bad handicap and you have good handicap then just keep on pounding on the computer until you rack up 700 matches.

How do you put your horse and the breeding horse in the same stall on egames champion horse trainer?

You don't need to put them in the same stall. The horse in the stall is pregnant, if it is not your horse in the stall, when the foal is born you will be offered to buy it.

Do you offer Hawaiian vacations with handicap accessibility?

Yes, almost all hotels are handicap accesible, and every airline will accomodate the needs of someone in a wheel chair. Just let them know when you make the arrangements.

Where do you put stall droppings?

On the Pile