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Yes you cazn play Golf wearing a knee brace. After rehabilitation and the ok from the doc to go out again the knee brace is a great extra support while golfing and the slow pace of the golfing and a cart are a great way to gain strength back.

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Q: Can you play golf while wearing a knee brace?
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Have you ever had a knee injury because of running?

I, personally, have am not a runner. But according to my research, knee injuries are very common among runners. There are many things you can do to prevent knee injuries while running, such as wearing a knee brace during your run and stretching before and after.

Will wearing a knee brace have a large affect on your running speed?

Yes, because your knee needs to bend to run fast.-Brittney

When is a hinged knee brace required?

A hinged knee brace is required when a knee has been severely injured or immediately after knee surgery. One can purchase a hinged knee brace at a pharmacy.

Can knee brace substitute use of plastering if there is injury to knee cap?

A knee brace can be used as substitute for plastering for injuries to the knee cap. If the knee cap is not broken, a knee brace can allow for more flexibility.

Why Use A Knee Brace?

Knee braces come in handy in many situations. You can use them when you are playing sports, and you can wear a knee brace if you are injured. You can purchase knee braces at almost any retail store. If you play sports, then it is a good idea to wear a knee brace. The brace will protect your knee from being injured if you twist it or if you fall on the knee. You might have to wear a brace on both knees if you play a sport that has a lot of physical contact. Basketball players can wear knee pads to protect their knees if they fall on the court. If you play basketball, you could injure your knee by tripping over someone or by turning too fast while you are running or trying to shoot the ball. Soccer players also wear knee braces. They risk injuring their knees if the ball comes close to them. They could also get kicked in the knee by another player. If you have been injured while playing a sport, or if you have damaged your knee in another way, a knee brace can help to keep the knee stable until you can go to the doctor. A knee brace might be the only thing that you need if you have only sprained the knee or pulled any ligaments. You should keep the knee propped on something, and you should stay off of it as much as possible. A muscle rub can be applied to the knee before you put the knee brace on. The rub will soothe the knee while the brace is on it. When you need a knee brace, you can usually find one by going to your local grocery store or pharmacy. Most stores have some type of knee brace in their first aid department. If you need something more stable, then you can visit an urgent care facility.

Hinged knee brace?

A hinged knee brace is a knee brace with padded metal hinges on either side. They are very helpful, because when your knee collapses or cannot support weight, the hinges hold your knee in place and up. I have the KNAPP Hinged Knee Orthosis Brace which I strongly recommend if you are looking into knee braces.

Do you need a knee brace for your contusion?

You do not need a knee brace if you are sure that it is just a contusion. A knee brace can be helpful for ligament and cartilage injuries and sometimes is used if there is some doubt.

How can I prevent knee pain while running?

You can prevent knee pain or injury while running by doing exercises before you run this can help in pains. Here is a site on just that information

When do you need to get a knee brace?

When you get a knee injury.

Can magnets cure knee pain?

There is no scientific evidence that shows that magnetic therapy reduces knee pain, however some people do find that wearing a magnetic knee brace helps. See this site for more info

How would a knee brace benefit you after knee surgery?

A knee brace has its own benefits especially after knee surgery. One, there's mainly the problem of additional damage to the weak bone of the knee after knee surgery.

Should you still wear a knee brace while playing sports if your acl is healed?

Just in case