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Q: Can you pay to play Augusta national?
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When did Obama play golf at Augusta National?


Can Augusta national golf club members play year around?


Can PGA players play Augusta national anytime during the year?


Where is the USPGA Championship held?

It has only ever been played at Augusta National. Go to www.masters.comThe Masters Golf Tournament is played in Augusta, Georgia at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Does the Masters course in Augusta GA have a female member?

No females are allowed to play at Augusta National, so there would be no female members.

Why is there no spin control on Augusta course in tiger woods 2012?

I have heard it was part of the licensing deal with Augusta National. To make the course more difficult to play.

Why is Augusta National not in Tiger Woods game?

Simply because EA Sports could not persuade Augusta National to allow them to use it. It would be a great course to play in the game though, quite sad you can't.

Does Augusta National ever change its golf course?

Augusta National IS a golf course

When is the pga going to play at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta GA every year?

The Masters is played the first full week of April every year.

You want to play Augusta national golf course?

So does every golfer. You will need to qualify for The Masters or get invited to play by a member.

Do they allow tour of Augusta national golf course?

Augusta National Golf Club, sometimes referred to as Augusta or the National, is a golf club in Augusta, Georgia, United States.

What is par at Augusta?

The Augusta National course is a par 72.