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GREENHEART :(Chlorocardium rodiei)

PURPLEHEART : (Peltogyne spp

KABUKALLI : (Goupia glabra)

MANNI : (Symphonia globulifera

MORA : (Mora excelsa)

SHIBADAN : (Aspidosperma album)

CRABWOOD : (Carapa spp.)

KUROKAI : (Protium decandrum)

AROMATA : (Clathrotropis spp.)

TATABU : (Diplotropis purpurea)

LOCUST : (Hymenaea courbaril)

SIMARUPA : (Quassia simarouba)

TAURONIRO : (Humiria balsamifera var balsamifera)

WAMARA : (Swartiza leiocalycina)

DETERMA : (Sextonia rubra)

HUBUBALLI : (Loxopterygium sagotii)

RED CEDAR : (Cedrela odorata)

SILVERBALLI (GROUP) : (Ocotea, Licaria, Aniba)

SOFT WALLABA : (Eperua falcata)

BAROMALLI : (Catostemma spp.)

DUKALI : (Parahancornia fasciculata)

Lesser Used Species

BLACK KAKARALLI : (Eschweilera spp.)

LIMONABALLI : (Chrysophyllum pomiferum)

HURUASA : (Abarema jupunba)

KAUTABALLI : (Licania spp.)

SUYA : (Pouteria speciosa)

SAREBEBEBALLI : (Vouacapoua macropetala)

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Q: Can you name the types of wood found in Guyana?
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Common local wood found in guyana?

Some common local woods found in Guyana include greenheart, purpleheart, bulletwood, and kabukalli. Greenheart and purpleheart, are unique to the region of Guyana and are not commonly found in other parts of the world.

What is the major threat to the forest in Guyana?

Since the 1990s the Guyana government has made the wood processing industry a priority.

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