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Of course . The club decides where the boundaries are.

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Q: Can you have out of bounds stakes inside the boundary of the golf course?
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Can you move an out of bounds marker in golf?

No, an OB marker indicates the boundary of the course and as such cannot be moved. Red and yellow stakes can be moved though.

Can you move an out of bounds stake to hit a shot?

Yes, two shot penalty. This is because the OB marker indicates the boundary of the course, you may remove hazard stakes etc, but never OB.

Golf out of bounds stakes are what color?

Out of bounds stakes are always white.

Can you move a red water hazard stake?

Yes..thye only stakes that are not are out of bounds stakes.

Out of Bound golf color?

Out of bounds is indicated by white stakes.

What do the colored stakes on golf course mean?

Yellow is a water hazard. Red is a lateral hazard. White is out of bounds. The rules indicate how each of these should be dealt with.

Can you move and then replace a red stake during a round of golf?

Yes, you are allowed to do this. You are however, not allowed to remove white stakes as these mark the boundary of the course.

What do yellow stakes in golf mean?

Blue stakes on a golf course indicate "ground under repair". They may be blue with a green top which would indicate that an appropriate government agency has declared the area an "environmentally-sensitive area" and the local golf committee has declared it ground under repair to prevent play from it.

Is a yardage stake in the fairway a movable obstruction?

All stakes hazard and measurement are removeable EXCEPT out of bounds markers

The out of bound on the golf course is determined by what color?

The OB stakes on a golf course are white.

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