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You can but your time would actually be slower than if you just sprint through. The best way is to lean as you break the finish line.

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Q: Can you dive for the finish line in 100 meter sprint?
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A sentence with the word Sprint?

The girl will sprint to the finish line.

How should you start the 100 meter race?

Stand with your feet side by side on the start line, then put on foot behind the other, and come onto the balls of your feet. As soon as the pistol goes off, spring off of your foot to get a good start. Its an all out sprint to the end, so give it everything you have.(Im a high school track runner)

Abel ran a 1-kilometer when he was halfway done to finish line how many meter did he have left to run?

1000 meters

How long does it take to do a 100 meter sprint?

In elite events the time is measured as follows: The timing starts when the starter pulls the trigger on the starting pistol, the message is transmitted via a transducer to the photo finish mechanism. The athlete is photographed at the finish line by a camera and the time is printed on a scale alongside the photograph.

Can you win a race in nascar with out your carr?

No. The car can be upside down and on fire, but it must cross the finish line. You cannot hop out and sprint the last few feet, sorry.

How do you run a cross country meet?

fast No, not fast, keep a GOOD pace that your body can do. When you're 200m away from the finish line, that's when you can sprint, and DO NOT BACK DOWN until you KNOW you've passed the finish line. Anything can happen if you back down and you haven't passed it yet.

What is the 400 meter start point on the athletics track?

In lane one it is the finish line on a 400m track.

The past tense of the boys race for the finish line?

The boys raced for the finish line.

What year did Derek Redmond have his dad help him across the finish line in the Olympics?

1992 Games in Barcelona in the 400 meter dash.Click on the 'Derek Redmond - 1992 Olympics' link below to see a video of the race and of him and his father crossing the finish line together.

What meter is used in this line?

There is no line, so obviously no meter.

Do sprint cell phone plans have a family plan?

Yes, Sprint does have a family plan. They range from a three line, four line, to a five and six line. For more details you should definitely go to your local Sprint retailer store and inquire for the details.

Why does a 100 meter sprinter need flexibility?

Sprinters use muscular strength/ power to get a good powerful and strong start from the starting blocks and also to sprint as hard as they can as usually sprinters cover a relatively short distance (100/200m). sprinting is also an anaerobic activity, if aerobic (such as marathon running) then muscular ENDURANCE would be required instead of muscular STRENGTH. However, when marathon running anaerobic respiration is needed as a final sprint towards the finish line.