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yes of course, HELL No!!!


it all depends on how active you are now, and heath problems.

My answer is based on these assumptions:

1 you are a perfecty normal person who is just overweight

2 you are inactive

3 you have a reasonable amount of intelligence

If theses are NOT true do not read any further!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

based off of these things then yes you can go jogging, however a better bet prob. would be to find a three mile loop near where you live and walk it, everyday, yes everyday, and if you REALLY don't want to go out and do it that day (you feel lazy, you had a hard day, you just want to relax) you should do the loop twice, reason? because it trains your body to think of exercise as relaxing as a stress reliever, as a reward not a punishment.

so after a couple of weeks you find that you can walk all three miles with out stoping or being exhausted, start adding little bits of jogging into it, {if you live in a city when you cross the street (at the crosswalk of course) try jogging to the other side, one you will be out of the street sooner two its an easy bit, if you are running in a park or outside the city try using land marks ie two mailboxes or trees, anything.}, start with one jog, then if you are still not exhausted at the end of the loop try two jogs the next day,

in several weeks you are jogging every street crossing or mail box, try connecting two of your jogs then keep adding to them, eventually you will be jogging 3miles everyday.

also if weight loss is your goal, change it to fat loss.

also if fat loss is your goal, try adding weight lifting, crunches push ups, milk gallon curls, heel raises all will help you burn fat, true they only help a little in and of themselves (you would have to do 49095 heel raises (based on your weight) to burn one pound of fat) but by increasing your activity studies have shown that u increase your metabolism (calories burned because you are alive)

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Q: Can i go for jogging .my height is168 cms andweight is 220 pounds?
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