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Anything can pop your blood vessel if it is hard enough althlough unlikely unless you take it dead in your eye

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Q: Can a tennis ball pop an eye vessel?
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Can dogs pop a blood vessel in eye?

Yes, just as you and I.

Is it possible to pop a blood vessel in your sleep?

Yes. by dreams, poking/hitting yourself in eye while sleeping.yes you can bye dreams or hitting or poking your self in the eye.

Can you pop a blood vessel in your eye by sneezing?

Hello :) Yes, you can cough, sneeze, bend over, or rub it and they can pop. It will get better and no need to see a doctor its just looks worse than it is. There is no way of healing the popped blood vessel as far as im aware of.

Why can a dented table tennis ball often be mended by warming it in a hot water?

The hot water heats the air inside the ball, which expands and forces the dent to pop out.

Why do blood vessels pop in your eye?

Yes, high blood pressure can cause a weak eye vessel to burst. Along with simple things like bending over, sneezing or riding in an airplane.

Can you blow a blood vessel in your penis?

Sorry to say it but...yes you can actually pop a blood vessel on your penis. Then again you can blow/pop one anywhere on your body. You can only really pop/blow a blood vessel down there is if you violently masturbate or if you have a really weak penis or a very big blood vessel down there.

Why placing a dented table-tennis ball in boiling water is one way to remove the dent in the ball assume the ball has no holes?

The hot water causes the air trapped inside the ball to expand and it may pop the dent out to the original shape.

Is it serious if a 2 year old has a blood vessel in her eye pop and moment of not being able to see when she wakes up?

Yes very serious she should be taken to hospital immediately.

Do volleyballs pop?

a tennis ball's bounce depends on what type it is and how much it has been used, A good tennis ball is fuzzy and when you squeeze it in your hand it doesn't let you bend it in that much. Basically when you are looking for a good bouncy ball get one that is fuzzy and is bright, no dirt and what not.

What are the ratings and certificates for Pop-Eye - 1970?

Pop-Eye - 1970 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

What is the best way to remove a dent from a table tennis ball?

Put it in warm/hot water. I have done this before. The heat cause the air inside to expand and pop it out. The dent will pop out, but the surface still has a slight imperfection from the dent. It won't be as good as original.

What will happen if you pop a ball in your penis?

First of all it is impossible to pop a ball your ball are simpy musle in The shape of a ball their for can not pop. Secondly if you were to pehapes squish one then I recommend talking to your parents and go to the hospital amideitly.