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Q: Can Oil burners and compressors can tolerate rapid cycling?
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What is the connection between slow cycling and rapid cycling?

In bipolar disorder, slow cycling refers to experiencing less than four mood episodes in a year, while rapid cycling refers to having four or more mood episodes in a year. Both slow cycling and rapid cycling are terms used to describe the frequency of mood episodes in bipolar disorder, with rapid cycling typically associated with more severe and difficult-to-treat symptoms.

What percent of bipolar patients experience rapid cycling?

A phenomenon known as rapid cycling occurs in up to 20% of bipolar I and II patients.

What is rapid cycling?

In rapid cycling, manic and depressive episodes must alternate frequently; at least four times in 12 months; to meet the diagnostic definition. In some cases of "ultra-rapid cycling,".several times within a 24-hour period.

What is another word that means changing moods all the time?

In psychiatry, this is known as cycling. Rapid cycling can be a sign of psychological problems (such as Bipolar Disorder or Depression) and should be reviewed with a psychological/psychiatric professional.

Is there a Mood Chart for Rapid Cycling Bipolar?

Some confuse bi polar with post traumatic stress. Make sure.

What is the suffix for bipolar disorder?

There are 2 diagnostic suffixes that can be added to the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder --"rapid cycling" and "with seasonal pattern."

Is Wellbutrin prescribed for Bipolar disorders?

I have rapid-cycling bipolar disorder and have been prescribed Wellbutrin, along with a mood stabilizer.

An elderly man is tearful one moment and combative the next is example of?

emotional lability? Rapid cycling emotions with little control or causative input.

What is happening if you continually have wild mood swings where you are happy for about an hour then feel really depressed and unhappy?

This is rapid cycling. See rapid cycling with reference to Bipolar disorder/cyclothymia. Answer If this is new for you, check your diet and general health--get a physical that includes bloodwork. Meanwhile, start eating on a regular schedule, reduce carbs and cut out soda or energy drinks, white bread, cookies, chips and ice cream.

What causes the compressor to turn on and off rapidly on a 2002 ford focus?

Have the refrigerant level in the A/C system checked. Rapid cycling of the compressor can be one of the signs that your refrigerant level is low.

What are the benefits of an induction cooktop stove?

Induction stoves offer ease of cleaning as well as smooth surfaces. They also have an added benefit of shorter cook time due to the rapid ability of the burners to achieve a boil or cooking temperatures.

What is Valproate?

Valproate (divalproex sodium, or Depakote; valproic acid, or Depakene) is one of the few drugs available that has been proven effective in treating rapid cycling bipolar and mixed states patients.