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No. If it's a new fork the bike has to be able to take the same size headset bearings as the fork, which probably is 1 1/8" If it's a used fork it doesn't only have to have the right diameter, its steerer tube has to be tall enough to protrude enough through the head tube.

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Q: Can Marzocchi Junior Triple Bomber Forks fit any bike?
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How much are bomber shocks?

Marzocchi Bomber forks can be had from USD 130 to USD 280, new.

How much are used bomber shocks for a mountain bike?

Marzocchi bomber forks are used as a dirt jump shock but i ride DH on my dirt jump bike with those shock and can manage.

What forks are on a Specialized P1?

The Specialized P1 usually comes with Marzocchi forks. For example, the 2012 model comes with Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 3's.

Where can one find more information about Marzocchi forks?

Marzocchi's official website has information on all of their products with specific pages listed for various countries. If looking for a deal on purchasing a Marzocchi fork try searching eBay.

What fork should you upgrade to on your all mountain bike?

there's lots of choices for forks out there. several companies offer excellent forks but the prices are a bit high. if your on a budget, Suntour makes some great forks for the money, but i would recommend Manitou, Fox, Marzocchi, or Rock Shox as they're among the most popular brands. Rock Shox are probably the least pricey of the four, though they're not cheap. For an All Mountain bike i would have to say that the Rock Shox Lyrik is the best fork for the money.

I want to buy the '09 specialized p1. This bike is perfect for my style but i want to know if the Marzocchi DJ3 fork is OK.?

This depends on the year of the forks, if the forks are the same year as the bike i would not recommend them, they are weak and do not have many adjustable features.and obvoiusly the type of riding you will do is a big factor.Doing big jumps is probably to much for these forks, although they are known to break on smaller jumps.if you are willing to buy new ones, 07 dj3s are the best in the dj3 models , or dj1s will be goodhope this helpedyou can tell the year of the fork by the type of sticker they have on.

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