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No, to be honest there isn't because you will hit a fairway club further or shorter than standard, so any chart would be of no use to you.

Unfortunately in regards to lofts of clubs all companies have different degrees of loft but there are a few rough guides.

* 3 wood 13.5- as much as 17 degrees * 5 wood 18-20 degrees * 7 wood 21 degrees If you have a specific club I could probably tell you the loft.

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Q: Are there charts for lofts and distances of fairway woods?
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What clubs are numbered and are usually used in the fairway?

These are called irons, they are numbered 1-9 with various lofts and lengths. They can be used from the rough or anywhere, as can fairway woods.

Is there a list of lofts for all golf clubs?

On clubs such as the Driver, fairway woods rescue clubs and wedges usually have their lofts on them. For irons you can get a list usually from the manufacturers website.

What is the Difference between hybrid rescue and woods?

A hybrid club blends the loft of an iron with the concept of a fairway wood. A hybrid will usually have quite a high loft, and can replace a 2 iron, a 3 iron, and 4 iron and even a 5 iron. They are designed with a low centre of gravity which is meant to get the ball airborne easily and also provide great forgiveness. Fairway woods have lower lofts than hybrids usually starting at about 15 degrees or so. Another main difference is that hybrids have shorter shafts which give a better attack angle, where fairway woods have longer shafts which help give extra distance.

Example of sentences using the word woods?

The importance of the fairway woods that you carry in your golf bag is often understated.

What is the difference between a fairway utility and a fairway wood?

The utility club, or rescue, or Hybrid is there to replace your long irons. That's why you see them marked as 3h - 4h or 5h that is to designate the iron it's replacing. The hybrid is the same length as your iron or just slightly longer. but it should be the same degree of loft. Hit it as you would your long irons, they are more forgiving, easier to hit, and better out of rough. Fairway woods have bigger heads and generally quite low lofts from 13 to about 23 or so. They also have longer shafts.

Where can someone buy Fairway woods?

Fairway Woods golf clubs can be bought from several places, both online and in physical stores. Dick's Sporting Goods, eBay, Overstock, and the Nike online store all sell them.

What are the release dates for School of Golf - 2011 Chapter 22 Fairway Woods and Hybrids 1-23?

School of Golf - 2011 Chapter 22 Fairway Woods and Hybrids 1-23 was released on: USA: 26 July 2011

What is the different between a fairwood shaft and a driver shaft?

there is really no difference except woods are like not as powerful as the driver but the woods can be hit in the fairway not the driver

What is the cc stand for in golf club drivers?

This means cubic centimetres, and it refers to the size of the club head. It can also apply to fairway woods.

What is the difference between 5 woods and utility club?

It depends what utility club it is. If it is an 18 degree one, then not very much. You will find that most 5 woods are between 18 and 20 degrees of loft, with hybrids usually coming in lofts 18 to as much as 24 degrees. The heads of hybrids are a lot shorter than 5 woods, and they have quite a compact shape, where as the 5 wood has a large circular head. Hybrids/ utilities are a blend of irons and woods, that is how they achieve their shape. You will find that a hybrid/ utility is a lot easier to hit than a fairway wood because the shaft is slightly shorter, this gives you a better angle of attack and therefore more control.

Why do i take a divet with my fairway woods?

You must be hitting the ball with a descending blow instead of sweeping it off the deck, there is no correct way to hit them, just whatever works.

What is the difference between irons and woods?

you tend to use the woods for loger distances with less lift whereas irons are used for more loft and better accuracy