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No doctors have studied and said that breathing in small amount of chalk does not damage your immune system. Your lungs do a great job of filtering it out.

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Q: Are gymnasts in danger of chalk inhalation?
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What is the chalk-like substance that gymnasts apply to their hands called?

The chalk-like substance is, in fact, chalk.

What do gymnasts put on there hands to improve there grip?


Does inhalation of naphthalene balls cause any danger?

Most certainly, inhalation of naphthalene is dangerous!

Why chalk is used for drying agent for gymnasts?

Chalk is used to reduce friction when the gymnast is on the bar or to dry up sweaty hands before beam or vault.

Why do gymnasts apply some coarse substances on their hands?

yes they do, to help the chalk adhere and provide a good grip while also protecting the skin on their palms.

What is the composition of the powder used by gymnasts?

it is basically powdered chalk... it gives them a better grip in the more intense parts of a comptition

Why is chalk used?

Chalk is used by mainly on bars so gymnasts won't be slipping off the bars. You can also use it on beam so your feet won't be so slippery and it will decrease the chances of falling

What Chalk used for?

Chalk has many purposes. It can be used as a drying agent for gymnasts, rock climbers, and weightlifters. It is used in billiards (pool) on the tips of the pool cues. It can be made into sticks for writing on chalkboards. thats a really good answer dude -james27yocool

Can lung cancer be caused by inhalation of dry powder fire extinguishers?

no they do not. they contain carbon dioxide, potassium bromide, and chalk. nothing in that is harmful.

Could you use regular chalk in gymnastics?

Gymnasts use chalk on their hands to help them grip the Uneven Bars.

Do Chinese gymnasts use grips?

all gymnasts use grips

Who are the women gymnast in the Olympics 2010?

There were no gymnasts in 2010. Gymnasts are in the summer olypics.