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Q: Analysis of a granite pebble would probably show that the pebble consists mostly of the what?
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What is earths core mostly made of mostly?

basalt and granite

Plasma consists mostly of?

Plasma consists mostly of ions and electrons. It is a state of matter where atoms are stripped of their electrons, resulting in a mixture of positively charged ions and negatively charged electrons. Plasma is often found in stars, lightning, and neon lights.

How did New Hampshire gets it nickname?

New Hampshire got its nickname ,"The Granite State", because of its mountains. Its Mountains are mostly made of granite.

What rocks are in the Scottish Highlands?

Mostly granite

What is made mostly of granite and rock?


What are scotlands buildings made of?

Mostly granite.

What layer is made mostly of granite and rocks?

The layer made mostly of granite and rocks is the crust. This outermost layer of the Earth is divided into the continental crust, which is largely composed of granite and rocks, and the oceanic crust, which is mainly made up of basalt.

What is the Earth's core made mostly of?

basalt and granite

What minerals are in Yosemite national park?

mostly granite.

What famous building is made of granite?

Taj Mahal is definitely one of the buildings. It is constructed mostly (if not entirely) out of pure white marble. But I think there are several. Probably the Lincoln Memorial is another. If you look up Aberdeen, Scotland, you will find that it is called the Granite city because many houses and buildings are made of granite.

What layer of earth is mostly made up of granite?


What pat of the earth is made of mostly granite?

Continental crust