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Q: An Asian passenger cart drawn by a person?
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Can you unscramble traihoc to spell a piece of Asian technology brought to Egypt?

The anagram is chariot (two-wheeled horse-drawn battle cart).

Can you unscramble traihoc as a form of ancient Egyptian technology?

The anagram is chariot, a wheeled horse-drawn battle cart that Egypt may have copied from West Asian cultures.

What is the name of the cart drawn by horses?


What is the definition of a horse-drawn?

An enclosed horse drawn carriage is called a "coach". Examples of a "coach" are the Town Coach, Stage Coach, and Mail Coach. A coach often has a hard top (though some have what is called an "auto-top" for lowering, such as a Landau), with glass windows and doors.

Who many people would a horse drawn cart carry?

The number will depend upon the size of the cart and the strength and number of horses pulling the cart.

What is a motorbike and a passenger cart next to it called?

Motorcycle and sidecar

What is another name for A horse - drawn vehicle?

A carriage, a buggy, stagecoach. a cart.

In Scotland what was the job of a Carter?

Transport of goods, normally by horse-drawn CART

What do you call a person that makes cart wheels?

A person who makes cart wheels is a wheelwright.

Which character leaves the camp in a ox drawn cart in mash last episode?


What are drays used for?

A dray is a horse drawn cart, used for hauling people or goods.

Did Athena and Poseidon work together to make a horse drawn cart?

No, they did not do so in myths.