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Q: A person who runs a marathon seems like someone who is?
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When a person likes someone why would they start to ignore them?

to see if the other person likes them as much as they like that person. it is a habit of most people. it seems to run in almost every person's genes.

Can a person have a sister complex to someone that's not their real sister but like a sister?

We are not sure what a "sister complex" is, but it seems reasonable to us.

Why do you dream about someone that you know you can never be with?

You dream about them because you think about being with them. When you want to be with that person never seems like an impossible word to you.

How do you know if you might have a chance with your crush who seems to like someone else?

You don't. If he seems to like someone else, he does. Believe it or not, he is not the last guy on earth. You will find someone else, move on.

What is the difference look like - seems like-sounds like and feels like?

"looks like" means a person or something could pass for another person or looks alike. "It seems like" means a person could be implying something for instance, "it seems like you are not joking at all. So I don't know what to think about you." "Sounds like" is when a person is talking out loud and than you say to yourself or someone else, "This person's voice sounds like a little poodle barking at the mailman." "Feels like" is when you compare the sense of touch, for instance, "Your skin is so smooth, it reminds me of a perfect, uneaten apple." I hope that helps. I tried

What do you do if you like someone and he seems like he likes you back?

Ask him to go out with you

Is it worth being engaged to someone if you are never going to marry that person?

You get engaged with the purpose to marry the person, so if there is not going to be a marriage then no its not worth being engaged. It seems like a waste of time.

What personalities go with the name jade?

Jade seems like someone who can be cool, get mad, is a little bossy and/or mean, but is a great person who's very funny!

Why someone reject person?

A person can reject someone for different reasons. A person reject someone because they do not like the other people or because they like someone else.

When someone tells you they do not like someone else what does that mean?

When that someone said they did not like someone else you should have asked why they didn't like that person. It is called 'communicating.' If you like the person the other person does not like don't be afraid to say so.

How does the lens you put on limit you from seeing someone as a leader?

When someone says that they are not talking about an actual lens but more about the perception you have of someone. An example might be that to some President Obama may seem like a leader but to his girls he is just Dad. Usually if you feel like you have superior intellect or skills over someone else you are not likely to see that person as a leader. On the other hand if you truly admire someone you may see that person as a leader. Others may not but to you that person seems like a leader.

Is liked a linking verb?

Like is not a linking verb. A linking verb connects the subject to other information. Here is an example: She seems like a really nice person. Seems is the linking verb, because she, being the subject, seems like a really nice person.