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Q: A full game of golf consists of how many holes?
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Holes on a full gulf course?

There are 18 holes on a full golf course.

What Does a Round of Gulf consist of?

It is a round of golf. It consists of playing 18 holes of golf.

Holes in a full size golf course?

18 holes.

How many holes does a putt putt have?

It depends on what you mean by a golf game. If you are referring to the PGA, then it's 72, since the game isn't over until the 72nd hole. The previous 4 "games" are called "rounds". If it's a Sunday afternoon on the course with the boys/girls, then it's probably 18 holes. Especially if there is alcohol involved.

In golf what is a black nine?

A full golf course is 18 holes long, it is divided into two, the front nine, which is holes 1-9 and the back nine which is holes 10-18.

What defines a full golf course?

In what context? I would imagine 18 holes.

What is the difference in a game of golf and a round of golf?

There is no real difference between the two, between a round usually means playing 18 holes whereas a game could mean just 9 holes or more.

What are the most holes you can play in a golf game?

A round of Golf is usually 18 holes. But if there is a match which is still a tie after the stipulated round, playoff holes can be played until the match is settled, there is no limit to how many holes are played, unless settled by the competition committee.

The number of holes in a golf course?

18 holes on a standard golf course.

Where can one play Crazy Golf for free online?

People can play the flash game Crazy Golf of free on the website Mousebreaker or Teagames. The game Crazy Golf is 18 holes of mini golf that one must complete in as few strokes as they can.

Can you play golf?

Golf is played in a golf course. A typical golf course has 18 holes, however, smaller golf courses have 9 holes as well. Championship level golf courses are known to have even 27 or 36 separate holes.

18 H in G?

18 = holes in golf