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We don,t know but we think because his awesome shots and how fast he sskated.

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Q: Why was Maurice Richard called 'The Rocket'?
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Was the rocket Richard a relative of Henri Richard?

Yes, Henri Richard is the Pocket Rocket who is the brother of MAurice Richard the Rocket.

How many goals did maurice Richard get for the Montreal Canadiens?

Maurice the rocket Richard scored 544 goals in his career

What years did Maurice Rocket Richard play?


Which NHL player was nicknamed Rocket?

Maurice Richard

Who is known as rocket Maurice Richard Henri Richard guy lafleur guy lapointe?

Maurice Richard was nicknamed "The Rocket" for his fiery and passionate play. His younger brother, Henri, was often referred to as "The Pocket Rocket" or later as simply "The Pocket".

Who was the first to score 50 goals?

Maurice "Rocket" Richard

Who named Maurice Richard the rocket?

Frank Selki Jr

Which team did Maurice Rocket Richard play for?

The Montreal Canadiens

Why was Maurice Richard known as the Rockett?

Maurice Richard was known as "the rocket" becasue he was very fast(on of the fastest players in the National Hockey League)

How many Richard brothers playes for Montreal canadiens?

I believe 2 Henri Richard ( the pocket rocket) And the greatest Maurice "the Rocket" Richard hope this helps.

What baseball pitcher is known as the Rocket?

Roger Clemens nickname is 'The Rocket'. roger clemens

What was the name of the book by maurice Richard?

The name of the book by Maurice Richard is "The Rocket: A Cultural History of Maurice Richard." It is a biography of Maurice Richard, one of the greatest hockey players in history.