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The Red Sox "FANS" hate the Yankee "FANS".

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Q: Why do the Red Sox hate the Yankees?
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How do the Boston Red Sox look like now?

I hate them always will Yankees for life

What was Yankees record against Red Sox 2007?

The Red Sox and Yankees played 18 times in 2007. The Yankees won 10 and the Red Sox won 8.

Since the year 2000 what is the redsox vs yankkes record?

In a year by year breakdown, 2009 Red Sox 8 Yankees 0; 2008 Tie at 9 wins each; 2007 Red Sox 8 Yankees 10; 2006 Red Sox 8 Yankees 11, 2005 Red Sox 9 Yankees 11; 2004 Red Sox 11 Yankees 8; 2003 Red Sox 9 Yankees 10; 2002 Red Sox 9 Yankees 10; 2001 Red Sox 5 Yankees 13; 2000 Red Sox 6 Yankees 7.

Are Yankees or Red Sox better?


Who is the best team the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees?

Definately Yankees they have 28 and the red sox won only 3.

Why are the Red Sox better then the Yankees?

They aren't The Yankees have more championship titles as they have 27. Red Sox have only 7

Dose Justin Bieber like Red Sox or Yankees?

Justin Bieber prefers the Yankees over the Red Sox.

Is god a Red Sox or Yankees fan?

Red Sox, He's god.

What was the record between Red Sox and Yankees in 2012 regular season?

The record between the Red Sox and the Yankees in the 2013 regular season was such that the Yankees won the season with a score of 13-5. Red Sox finished last.

What was the record between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox in 2012?

Season series between the Yankees and Red Sox since 2000: 2000 - Yankees 7 wins, Red Sox 6 wins 2001 - Yankees 13 wins, Red Sox 5 wins 2002 - Yankees 10 wins, Red Sox 9 wins 2003 - Yankees 10 wins, Red Sox 9 wins 2004 - Red Sox 11 wins, Yankees 8 wins 2005 - Yankees 10 wins, Red Sox 9 wins 2006 - Yankees 11 wins, Red Sox 8 wins 2007 - Yankees 10 wins, Red Sox 8 wins 2008 - Yankees 6 wins, Red Sox 5 wins through the games played on July 26.

Which MLB teams are the most popular outside of their home states?

either red sox or Yankees. according to hank steinbrenner the Yankees will restore order to the universe lol. (im a Yankees fan but i HATE hank steinbrenner)

What channel is the Red Sox and Yankees on?

don't no about the red sox but the Yankees are on 753 on time warner cable hd and 53 on time warner cable.