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In 776 BC, Koroibos won the first Track and Field gold medal.

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Bob Garrett of the United States at the 1896 Games in Athens. He put the shot 11.22 meters (36 feet, 9 3/4 inches) to win the competition.

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James Connelly.

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Q: Who won the most gold medals in shot put?
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Has Valerie Vili won a metal?

{| ! style="background-color: rgb(176, 196, 222)" colspan="3" | Valerie Vili Medal record |} {| ! colspan="3" | Olympic Games |} Gold 2008 Beijing Shot put {| ! colspan="3" | World Championships |} Gold 2007 Osaka Shot putBronze 2005 Helsinki Shot put {| ! colspan="3" | World Indoor Championships |} Gold 2008 Valencia Shot put {| ! colspan="3" | Commonwealth Games |} Gold 2006 Melbourne Shot putSilver 2002 Manchester Shot put

What Olympic athlete has won the most gold meadles?

Gold Meadle WinnersMeadle is a small humble settlement in Buckinghamshire, England (lacking stores/restaurants, and even places of worship) To the best of my knowledge Olympic Winners do not win Meadle or even get a deed to partial ownership of Meadle, let alone a golden Meadle; but sometimes they get to have their faces put on a box of Wheaties.Michael Phelps with 18 won the most Olympic Gold Medals

What Olympics has yvette Williams competed in?

Yvette Williams participated in one Olympics, the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki, and competed in long jump, shot put, and discus. She won gold in long jump, finished 6th in shot put, and finished 10th in discus.

How many medals has valerie won?

Valerie Villi was born in Rotorua and is of Tongan descent. She was the world youth shot-put champion in 2001. In 2002, she scored a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games as the world junior champion. In the 2005 World Championships, she scored a bronze medal. In 2006, she won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games and came in second in the World Athletic Final.

Why did the winner's distance in the 1984 Olympics women's shot put drop from previous Olympics?

Between 1952-1980, woman's shot put at the Olympics was dominated by Eastern Bloc countries. Gold medalists came from USSR (5), East Germany (2), and Bulgaria (1). Those three countries were among the 14 that boycotted the 1984 Summer Olympics. The best in the world of women's shot put did not participate in these Games and, consequently, competition suffered.

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How many gold medals has new zealand won in shot put?

8 medals all by valerie vili (adams)

What game does Valerie Adams compete in for the Olympics?

She is a gold medal athlete in shot put she wins lots of gold medals

Who won the 2010 commonwealth games in shot put?

Dylan Armstrong (Men's) and Valerie Adams (Women's) won the Shot Put Gold Medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

What medals were put in Sputnik?

Iron, Silver, and Gold Medals were put in the Sputnik

How many medals did Valerie Adams win at the 2014 commonwealth games?

Valerie won the Gold Medal in Shot Put at the 2014 Comonwealth Games.

How many medals does Valerie Vili have?

Valerie Vili has won one Olympic medal, that being gold in the 2008 Games in women's shot put. She also won gold, in women's shot put, in the 2008 World Indoor Championships, 2007 World Championships, and 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Who isNatalya Lisovskaya?

Natalya Lisovskaya is a retired Soviet athlete who specialized in the shot put event. She is best known for setting a world record in the women's shot put that still stands to this day, with a throw of 22.63 meters in 1987. Lisovskaya won multiple gold medals in shot put at major international competitions during her career.

How many golds does NZ have?

3 Gold medals for New Zeland in the 2008 Summer Olympics, in the Women's Double Sculls, the Women's shot put event and Men's Windsurfer.

How many medals has valerie adams?

Valerie Adams has currently only won one Olympic Medal, a Gold, in the 2008 Shot Put final.*As of August 5th, 2012.

How many gold metals did new Zealand win in Beijing Olympics in 2008?

New Zealand won 3 gold medals at Beijing in 2008 * Womens double sculls * Womens shot put * mens sailboard

How many bronze medals has Valerie Adams got?

She wins gold like in the 2012 Olympic Shot Put, She has not won a bronze medal since 2005 world championships in Helsinki

How many medals did Samoa win in the commonwealth games 2010?

Samoa won four medals at the 2010 Delhi Games:Faavae Faauliuli (Gold, Weightlifting, Men's 94kg)Ele Opeloge (Gold, Weightlifting, Women's 75+kg)Niusila Opeloge (Gold, Weightlifting, Men's 105kg)Tasele Margaret Iva Satupai (Bronze, Athletics, Women's Shot Put)