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Windsor locks, Connecticut.

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2012-07-05 01:29:04
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Q: Who won the 1965 little league championship?
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What team won Netherlands league in 1965?

Feijenoord won the Netherlands League championship in 1965.

Which country won 2008 little league championship?

The United States won the little league championship in 2008. Hawaii ended up killing Mexico in the championship game.

Who won the NASCAR championship in 1965?

Ned Jarrett won the Nascar Grand National Series championship in 1965.

Who won the 2011 Little League baseball championship in Alaska?

Abbott-O-Rabbit Little League from Anchorage ... they defeated Gastineau Channel Little League of Juneau in the state finals.

Who is the Nascar driver that won the championship in 1961 and 1965?

Ned Jarrett won the 1961 and 1965 Nascar Grand National championship.

What team won french league in 1965?

Nantes won the French League championships in 1965.

Has a little league team from Colorado ever won the Little League World Series?

No. Indeed, no Colorado team has ever played in the championship game of the LLWS.

Who won the 1965 speedway world championship?

Bjorn Knutsen won the 1965 world final

What team won the League Cup in 1965?

The that team won the League Cup in 1965 was Chelsea FC.

What Won The Dutch League In 1965?

The team that won the Dutch league in the season ending 1965 was Feijenoord.

Has Coleraine FC ever won the league?

They won the Irish League Championship in the 1973/1974 season and they won the Irish League First Division Championship in the 1995/1996 season.

Which teams have won the champions league?

FC Chelsea won the Last Championship League .

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