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Liverpool 3-1, kuyt, kuyt, kuyt, hernandez

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2011-03-07 10:45:19
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Q: Who won between Liverpool vs Manchester United 2011?
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In 2010-2011 Which team has won the most premiership titles Manchester united or Liverpool?

Manchester United.

When was the last time Liverpool won Manchester united?

march 2011

What channel is Manchester United VS Liverpool 2011?


When was the last time Liverpool beat Manchester United?


How many times have Liverpool beaten Manchester united in premier league?

As of November 2011, since their first meeting in the Premier League in October 1992, Liverpool have beaten Manchester United on twelve occasions.

When is Manchester united vs barcalona?

The champion league final between Barcelona and Manchester United was on the 28/5/2011.

What was the scoreline in the game between Manchester United and Manchester City in the Community Shield match in the 2011 to 2012 season?

The result in the Community Shield for 2011/2012 was Manchester City 2 - 3 Manchester United.

When did Manchester United last lose a Preimer League Match?

Manchester United last lost a premier league match to their biggest rivals, Liverpool. They lost 3-1 at Anfield on 06/03/2011.

Who was the most recent player to score a hat trick against Liverpool?

As of March 2011, the last player to score a hat trick against Liverpool is Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov.

Who does Manchester united play in the semifinals of the 2011 champions league?

Manchester United play Schalke.

Who is Manchester United agent?

Daniel Sherwood. 2007-2011 Greatest agent for Manchester United in their history.

Who has won barclays premier league from2008 up to now?

2008-2009: Manchester United 2009-2010: Chelsea 2010-2011: Manchester United 2011-2012: Manchester City

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