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Samurai were soldiers, as a group they had no enemies of their own.

the question might be clearer that way: "who are the enemies of soldiers?"

the answer is, the current enemies of whom they happen to serve.

Other samurai. The Samurai were soldiers that worked for war lords and rulers throughout Japan.

The samurai were hired by Shoguns so their enemies were the enemies of their Shogun. Or anyone who attacked their homes.

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Samurai Warriors were basically soldiers for hire to different chieftains in Mid-evil Japan.

They were well paid for pledging their loyalty to a master. Most were trained in Buddhist monasteries as small children. The warlords often fought with each other for control of territory and power, but all clans remained loyal to the emperor, although many wielded much more real power, especially a Shogun.

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Q: Who were the enemies of the samurai?
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