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Had to be deleted as message before was someone trying to be funny!!! I'm not sure who it was but out of King Henry vii and Henry VIII, I'd say Henry vii. Henry vii always tried to make peace and solved most problems that came his way!!!

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Q: Who was the most successful absolute monarch in Europe?
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What happen to the absolute monarchs in Europe?

All the absolute monarchies in Europe have dissolved into some form of a democracy. Most of them transformed into Constitutional Monarchies, in which there is still a monarch that rules but they are accompanied by a parliament. There is one country in Europe that can still be considered a monarchy: the Vatican. The Pope is the ruler and thus labels the Vatican as an absolute monarchy, although the "monarch" is elected.

Who is the most successful monarch from the year 1660-1760?

I think Willian and Mary were the most successful monarch

Which quotation was most likely made by an absolute monarch?

I am the state

Who is the most powerful man in the Vatican?

The pope is the absolute monarch of the Vatican.

Which french leader is thought of as the most powerful absolute monarch in french history?

Louis XIV

Who was Frederick the Great?

One of the greatest miltary commanders in History. He commanded the Prussians in the 7 Years war. 1756 to 1763 He was a person that began building a powerful army that became the most important institution in Prussian life.

Why there is not a single desert in Europe?

There are deserts in Europe. Most are relatively small areas of semi-arid land. There are, however, no absolute deserts in Europe.

What is the most successful groups in Europe?


Which ensured that the Industrial Revolution would be successful in western Europe?

Western Europe had been most successful at exploration and colonization.

Does Europe have monarchy?

There are many European countries who have monarchies today, such as the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, etc. Almost all of these are constitutional monarchies, where the monarch is the head of state, but there is also a political body (such as a parliament) where most of the power resides. Vatican City is the only European country to be an absolute monarchy, where the Pope is the absolute monarch. All other European countries, with the exception of Belarus (who is a dictatorship), are republics or representative democracies.

Which theory of government was most popular with absolute monarchs in Europe?


What was the most successful football team in Europe?

Real madrid