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Chuck Cooper

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Q: Who was the first black man drafted in the nba in 1951?
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Who was the last white man to get drafted first in the nba?

Larry Byrd

In 1962 Jackie Robinson became the first black man to do what?

First black man in the hall of fame

Was there a Black Man as the first president?

No. Obama was the first black president.

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Educator and author Booker T. Washington was depicted on commemorative half dollars issued from 1946 to 1951.

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Hiram Revels

Who was the first man who played in the NBA?

The first NBA draft took place in 1947 and the first player drafted was Clifton McNeeley of the University of Texas at El Paso, drafted by the Pittsburgh Ironmen. McNeeley never played in the NBA.

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No he was not the first black men to play tennis. Though he was the first black man to win the Us open tennis. But I will try to find the first black man to play tennis.

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