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Daryle Lamonica.

Stabler took over the starting QB duties in 1973 after spending 3 seasons as a backup to Lamonica.

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Q: Who was the Raiders QB before Ken Stabler?
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Who was the starting QB for the Raiders in 1977?

Ken Stabler. Mike Rae was the backup and started 1 game in the 1977 season.

Who are the 4 QB's for the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl?

Darryl Lamonica, Ken Stabler, Jim Plunkett, Jim Plunkett, Rich Gannon

From what city in Alabama was famous QB Kenny Stabler from?

Foley, Alabama

Who were the quarterbacks for the Oakland Raiders when they won there 3 super bowls?

Ken Stabler (1977) and Jim Plunkett (1981, 1984)Stabler won Super Bowl XI in 1977, 32-14 over Minnesota Vikings.Plunkett was MVP, in winning Super Bowl XV in 1981, 27-10 over Philadelphia Eagles. He won again in Super bowl XVIII in 1984, 38-9 over the Washington Redskins*.*From 1982 to 1994, the team played as the Los Angeles Raiders.

How many black quarterbacks played at Alabama?

Three Super Bowl quarterbacks attended Alabama. The quarterbacks are: * Bart Starr (Green Bay Packers) Super Bowl I & II * Joe Namath (New York Jets) Super Bowl III * Ken Stabler (Oakland Raiders) Super Bowl XI

When did Heath Shuler play NFL QB for the Oakland Raiders?

Shuler signed with the Raiders prior to the 1998 season. He suffered another foot injury in training camp and retired before playing a game with the Raiders.

Who was the QB of the Oakland Raiders in 1962?

Cotton Davidson

What was Hue Jackson before he was Raiders head coach?

The season (2010) prior to taking over as Raiders head coach he was the Raiders offensive coordinator and prior to that he was the QB coach for the Baltimore Ravens for two seasons (2008-2009).

Who were the Oakland Raiders quarterbacks 1960-1980?

1985: Marc Wilson started 13 games and Jim Plunkett started 3 games. Rusty Hilger also played QB for the 1985 Raiders. 1986: Marc Wilson started 8 games and Jim Plunkett started 8 games. Rusty Hilger also played QB for the 1986 Raiders. 1987: Marc Wilson started 7 games, Rusty Hilger started 5 games, and Vince Evans started the 3 replacement player games. 1988: Steve Beuerlein started 8 games and Jay Schroeder started 8 games. 1989: Steve Beuerlein started 7 games and Jay Schroeder started 9 games. Vince Evans also played QB for the 1989 Raiders.

Is Carson Palmer a good QB?

No. Palmer currently plays QB as #3 for the Oakland Raiders.

What position did george blanda play?

he was a qb for the Oakland Raiders.

What Alabama Crimson Tide players won Super Bowls?

Not a complete list ... some of these players were starters and some were backups - 1) Joe Namath - Jets QB in Super Bowl III 2) Ken Stabler - Raiders QB in Super Bowl XI 3) Howard Cross - Giants TE in Super Bowl XXV. 4) Lee Roy Jordan - Cowboys LB in Super Bowl VI 5) Ray Perkins - Colts WR in Super Bowl V 6) Larry Roberts - 49ers DE in Super Bowl XXIII 7) Jeff Rutledge - Giants QB in Super Bowl XXI and Redskins QB in Super Bowl XXVI 8) Bart Starr - Packers QB in Super Bowls I and II 9) DeShea Townsend - Steelers DB in Super Bowl XL 10) Sherman Williams - Cowboys RB in Super Bowl XXX 11) Steve Wright - Packers T in Super Bowls I and II