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On February 1, 2009, Santonio Holmes caught the game winning catch in Super Bowl XLIII.

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Q: Who was the Pittsburgh Steeler who caught the game winning catch in the 2009 Super Bowl?
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Who caught the winning touchdown for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2009 Super Bowl?

Santonio Holmes caught the eventual game winning pass from Ben Roethlisberger.

When was the last Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl game?

The last Steeler Super Bowl game was played on February 1, 2009. It was Super Bowl XLIII and the Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27-23.

Which NFL team won the most Super Bowls?

Pittsburgh steeler won the most super bowls with 6 wins

Who is the only Pittsburgh Steelers player to have six Super Bowl rings?

There is no Steeler that has won six Super Bowl rings as a player.

Who are the Five time Super Bowl champs?

Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steeler

Does joe gilliam have a Super Bowl ring?

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback Joe Gilliam has two Super Bowl Rings. Gilliam was part of the 1974 and 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Championship teams.

Has any NFL team started the season with three straight loses and won the Super Bowl?

yes, Pittsburgh steeler

What Super Bowl MVP signed with the New York Jets?

In 2010, former Pittsburgh Steeler and Super Bowl MVP, Santonio Holmes, signed with the New York Jets.

Who were the 6 super bowl winning quarter backs for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been to 7 Super Bowls, winning 6. Terry Bradshaw won 4 and Ben Roethlisberger has won 2.

Who was the first Pittsburgh Steeler to carry the ball in the Super Bowl?

On the first offensive play in Steelers Super Bowl history, Rocky Bleier carried the ball off left tackle for 3 yards.

What Super Bowl winning head coach used to play on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Tony Dungy

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