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Randy Denton

Dick DeVenzio

Judge Carr

Jeff Dawson

Pat Doughty

Brad Evans

Rick Katherman

Steve Litz

Gary Melchionni

Richie O'Connor

Richard O'Connor

Larry Saunders

Alan Shaw

Robby West

Stuart Yarbrough

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Q: Who was on the 1971 Duke University Men's Basketball team?
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Who many mens National Basketball Association championships has players from duke university won?

Duke men's basketball has won 4 national championships: 1991, 1992, 2001, and 2010.

Who is the Duke Mens basketball coach?

Coach K...

How many wins has the University of North Carolina had in the NCAA mens basketball tournament?

The Duke Blue Devils Have won 4 NCAA Division I Mens Basketball Titles. They won in 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010

Who has the most win in mens college basketball?

The University of Kentucky has the most wins of any team in the NCAA. The next most successful teams are the University of Kansas, the University of North Carolina, and Duke.

What basketball player scored the most points in mens duke basketball history?

J.J. Redick

How many ncaa violations has the DUKE mens basketball program had?


What team has the Most wins in NCAA mens basketball season?

duke with 37

Which school holds the record for 30 win season mens basketball?


Who was the last all white team to win the ncaa mens basketball tournament?


Who was Last mens NCAA basketball to win it it all that was ranked 1?

Duke in 1996

Which university has the most college basketball wins?

Kentucky in mens

What sports does Wilberforce University have?

just mens and womans basketball