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The Romanov family ruled Russia for 300 years before Tsar Nicholas II abdicated in 1917. However, the communist revolution did not end this dynasty. Nicholas II abdicated the throne in March 1917 as a result of the February Revolution. The Communist or Bolshevik Revolution did not take place until the following October eight months after the dynasty had ended.

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Q: Who was Russian ruling family before the communist revolution?
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Was the Russian Revolution brought about by autocracy?

No. The Revolution was brought about by poor performance of the Russian army and the unpopularity of the Imperial Family.

What family was deposed during the Russian revolution?

The Romanovs

Who was the last czar of Russia before the Communists took over?

Nicholas Romanov II was Czar before the Russian Revolution.

What happended to the royal family of russia?

Most of the family was killed during the Russian Revolution including the last Tsar and his immediate family. The surviving family were exiled from Russia after the Revolution

Is there a president and king or queen in Russia?

no there is not a king of russia In case this is posted in categories of WW2 or earlier period, then Russia did have a King and a Queen. This was before the Communist revolution in 1917. The Russian royal family was the longest reigning family in Europe and ended with Czar Nicholas. IN the 1700's, one of Russian's most influential monarchs was Queen Catherine the Great.

What was the role of England during Russian revolution?

England had quite the impact on a revolution that took place quite a distance from their borders. England's role in the Russian revolution was family based. The English King George was cousins with the Russian Czar Nicholas II.

Who was in control of Russia during the Russian revolution?

By the time of Russian Revolution (October Revolution) the last Russian Czar Nicholas II had already abdicated the crown. From the time he had abandoned his place until October Revolution Russia had been ruled by the Provisional Government. Nicholas II abdicated the crown during February Revolution.

When was Anastasia killed?

Anastasia and her family were killed during the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Who was a famous person during the Russian Revolution?

Vladimir Lenin was the famous leader of the Russian Revolution. Another famous historical figure from the Revolution is Anastasia Romanov, who was famous for supposedly disappearing after her family was killed by the Bolsheviks in the Revolution, although she was actually killed along with them.

What has the author C K Yang written?

C. K. Yang has written: 'Chinese communist society: the family and the village' -- subject(s): Family, Social conditions 'The Chinese family in the communist revolution' -- subject(s): Communism, Family, History, Social conditions

What countries were fighting in the Russian Revolution?

well it was a revolution, which suggests internal struggle. so the only country fighting in the Russian revolution was russia. there were the white army which was in favor of the czar and the reds which wanted communism....the reds won and the czar and his entire family were killed.

What was the communist revolution in Nicaragua?

An excuse to change the power and wealth from one corrupt family to another more deviant and corrupt.