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No one taught it to China as every culture from around the world has their own Martial Arts.

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He learned it from Chan Wah-shun.That is the original Yip Man and not from the movie.Read it on Wikipedia in Content of Early Life.

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Q: Who taught martial arts to china?
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Did mixed martial arts come from China?

Mixed martial arts is exactly that, a mixture of martial art styles and techniques. MMA practitioners use both Asian arts of all types, with particular focus on Brazilian JuJutsu and boxing.

When was Minnesota Martial Arts Academy created?

Minnesota Martial Arts Academy was created in 1992.

What is the most famous sport in ancient china?

well in nowdays Chinese tend to be good in all sport but ages ago the sport they were most known for were martial arts and the martial art they are known for is kungfu.

What was the first martial arts?

If you want to be very technical about it, the martial arts were created at the beginning of time - they just weren't called martial arts. The need to defend one's self began with our need to defend ourselves against animals and predators in the wild - using clubs and our bare hands. They certainly evolved as the martial arts developed over time, and named arts were formed as necessity in different countries throughout history, but the real answer is that they've always existed.

Who created Martial Arts the Chinese or Koreans?

Neither. Martial arts began in separate countries around the world as mankind evolved. Self defense is a natural instinct, and that's where martial arts started. Almost every country has their own form of martial arts that's been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. Over time, as cultures and countries began to interact with trading , traveling, etc, the martial arts was mingled and mixed as people shared their ideas. This continues to this day.

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Are practitioners of Kalarippayattu ripping off Chinese Japanese and Korean martial arts?

Not sure of the specific martial art, but it is more likely the other way around, according to the oral traditions of the martial arts. The Buddadharma was an Indian Prince, trained in the Indian Martial Arts before he travelled to China and taught the techniques to the monks.

What is china main sport?

The main sports of China are martial arts,bad mingtong,and football.Thoose are the main sports of China.

Is Bodhidharma the creator of martial arts?

Bodidharma was an Indian monk who travelled to China. He taught Buddhism and martial arts to the shaolin monks from techniques he brought back from India. That was when martial arts was born.Second answerNo, he was not the creator of martial arts. Martial arts arise independently within cultures all around the world. Wherever there is war, there is always someone who knows how to wrestle or handle a sword. The concept that Bodhidharma knew or created martial arts does not predate the 20th century. See the paper "Ignorance, Legend, and Taijiquan" by the martial arts historian Stan Henning.

What year did Severus Snape teach martial arts?

Martial arts is not a subject taught at Hogwarts. Potions and Defence Against the Darks Arts are the two subjects Severus Snape taught. He taught Potions from 1981 - 1996 and Defence Against the Dark Arts from 1996 - 1997.

Does every body in China have to do martial arts?


Who was Bruce Lee's teacher of martial arts?

his father taught him

Why martial art is need to the military?

Martial arts are the skills used in combat combined with the warrior mentality. The martial arts were developed in combat and continue to be taught and used in warfare.

2 what countries martial arts originated from?

Martial Arts mostly originates from Japan and China, but there are other places as well.

How did martial arts in China develop?

Legend says that it was the Bodhidarma that started Chinese martial arts. He brought the arts he learned in India to the Shoalin temples. But the arts were there long before that.

What are judo karate kendo aikado Kung Fu examples of?

They are all martial arts from Asia. Kung fu is from China and karate is from Okinawa. Judo, kendo and aikido are Japanese.

Is karate a sport in china?

If you mean martial arts then yes. Though not Chinese, Judo and Tae Kwon Do are martial arts and Olympic Sports. Mixed Martial Arts is a popular sport that uses parts of different martial arts, and some Chinese arts can be incorporated into this at appropriate times.

What does do jang mean in martial arts?

Do jang is a Korean term. It refers to the school where the martial art is taught. In Japanese it is a dojo.