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becouse they like rainforest

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Q: Who pitched the first no hitter in major league baseball?
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Who if anyone pitched a no hitter in their first appearance in major league baseball?

Bumpus Jones of the Cincinnati Reds threw a no hitter on October 15, 1892 in his first major league game.

Who pitched the first perfect Major League Baseball game?

The first Major League perfect game was pitched by Lee Richmond on June 12, 1880.

Who pitched the first MLB no hitter?

Noodles Hahn of the Cincinnati Reds threw the first no hitter of the modern era on July 12, 1900. The first no hitter on record, not recognized by Major League Baseball was thrown by Joe Borden on July 28, 1875 for the Philadelphia White Stockings.

Could Jackie Robinson the first black to pplay in major league baseball have watched a game having a designated hitter?

your mom is a designated hitter(:

Who was the American League baseball pitcher who ranked first in wins and innings pitched in 1956?

Frank Lary of the Detroit Tigers with 21 wins and 294 innings pitched.

When did the designated hitter in Major League Baseball start?

On April 6, 1973, Ron Blomberg of the Yankees became the first designated hitter in Major League Baseball history, against Red Sox right-hander Luis Tiant. He walked.

Who was the first switch hitter in pro baseball?

Bob "Death To Flying Things" Ferguson, played in the first ever professional League, the National Association in 1871 and was a switch hitter. He also played in the National League during its inagural season.

Who was the first switch hitter to lead the Major League Baseball in RBI's?

The first switch hitter to lead MLB in RBIs was New York Giants shortstop George Davis, who had 136 RBIs in 1897. Of course, there wasn't an American League at that time. The only switch hitter, after 1901 and the birth of the American League, to lead MLB in RBIs was Mickey Mantle who had 130 in 1956.

Did Jim Thorpe play on the 1908 Carlisle baseball team?

Yes. He even pitched a no-hitter in his first start (see: ).

What pitcher on the Rockies team pitched the first Rockies no-hitter?

Ubaldo Jimenez

Who was the first hawaiian born to play major league baseball?

Johnnie Williams, born in Honolulu, who pitched in 4 games for the Detroit Tigers in 1914.

Who pitched a no hitter at ascc in1999?

Ladarrell banks.....he pitched his first ever no hitter against Triton College for Alabama Southern Comm. College where they won 5-0

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