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Adolph Rupp

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Q: Who leads in most wins as head coach at the University of Kentucky?
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Who is currently the head football coach of the University of Kentucky?

Rich Brooks

Who is John Caliparie?

John Calipari is the University of Kentucky's head basketball coach.

Who has the most wins as head coach at the University of Kentucky men's basketball?

Adolf Rupp.

How long was Rick Pitino at Kentucky?

Rick Pitino was the University of Kentucky's head basketball coach for eight years from 1989 to 1997.

Did Bear Bryant ever beat the University of Alabama as a coach for another school?

No. Prior to taking over at the University of Alabama, Bear Bryant was the head coach of the University of Maryland (1945), University of Kentucky (1946-1953), and Texas A&M (1954-1957). Bryant coached teams against Alabama twice, both as head coach of Kentucky. On October 19, 1946 Kentucky lost 21-7 and on November 1, 1947 Kentucky lost 13-0.

What college did George Blanda attend?

University of Kentucky between 1946-1948 ... he played for head coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant.

When did John Calipari start coaching mens basketball for the University of Kentucky?

Head basketball coach for the men's basketball team at the University of Kentucky is John Calipari. He was hired in 2009 for this position.

Who was the MVP and Coach the last time Kentucky won ncaa championship?

The University of Kentucky last won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1998. Tubby Smith was the head coach and the tournament's Most Outstanding Player was Jeff Sheppard.

Where did Billy Gillespie coach before coming to the University of Kentucky?

He previously had head coaching jobs at Texas A&M and UTEP (Texas-El Paso).

Who was the 1926 University of Alabama Head Coach?

William Wallace Wade was the Head Football Coach at the University of Alabama in 1926.

Football coach of the Kentucky Wildcats in 2005?

Rich Brooks. Brooks was head coach of the Kentucky football team between 2003-2009.

Who has the most wins as head coach of Kentucky?

adolph rupp