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Q: Who is the top 8th grade basketball player in Wisconsin?
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Who the best in basketball in 8th grade?

you shounldnt be a player in the 8th grade, trust me I go to one of the most violent schools ever.

Who is the best player on the seneca girls 8th grade basketball team?

#20, Kym Braine

Who is the best 8th grade basketball player in Virginia?

harve dixon hes from ewing he plays for thomas walker

Who is Jared Armstrong philadelphia?

Jared Armstrong is a talented basketball player out of Philadelphia.He's in the 8th grade is ranked highly in the country.

Was there a player by the name of Bruno?

Yes, there was. He is rated the best basketball player alive today. (April 8th, 2011) by buck altmeyer 4th grade


Hayden Craig is the best basketball player ever he averages 41.9 points a game, 19 assist, 38 rebounds a game. He is in 8th grade.

How high is the net for basketball in 8th grade?

10 foot

Is 8th grade to old to start playing basketball?

No- you can start basketball at any age form 4 and up

When in 8th grade what benifets you of going to the nba?

You get payed millions to play basketball

What is a 8th grade Girls school basketball team size?

12 playas

How do you make the 8th grade girls basketball tryout?

Show a lot of hustle and heart!

Who is the best 8th grade basketball player in Pennsylvania?

Jordon Payne....he averages 27 points , 12 assists , 6 steals and 4 rebounds and he goes to McKeesport P.A.