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Sam Crawford, a Hall of Fame outfielder with Cincinnati and Detroit between 1899-1917 holds the career triples record with 309.

Baseball Triples Records Most triples in a career Top-3

Name(s) League Team(s) Data Total

Sam Crawford ML Cincinnati 60

Detroit 249 309

Ty Cobb AL Detroit 284

Philadelphia 11 295

Honus Wagner NL Louisville 20

Pittsburgh 232 252

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That is Hall of Famer Sam Crawford (1899-1917) with 309 career triples.

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Since 1900, that would be 13 by Johnny Kling of the 1903 Chicago Cubs and Tim McCarver of the 1966 St. Louis Cardinals.

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Tim McCarver

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yogi berra

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Q: Who is the last catcher to lead the Majors in triples?
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