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Booker Woodfox of Creighton 51%

Stephon Curry of Davidson 38%

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โˆ™ 2009-02-23 10:44:33
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Q: Who is the best three point shooter in the NCAA right now?
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Who is the NCAA all-time leader in three point percentage?

the best three point shooter in the NCAA was shaq he shot .735 from behind the arc.

NCAA three point shot?

Yes, there is a 3-point shot in NCAA basketball.

Who is the best 3 point shooter in NCAA basketball 2010 video game?

John Wall or Kyle Singular

How far is the three point line in ncaa?

The back of the NCAA three point line is 20 feet 9 inches from the center of the goal as measured horizontally.

Who is the best shooter in the NCAA?

Jaycee Carroll from Utah State. 51% 3 Point 93% Free Throw and he shoots A BUNCH

How many feet longer is the NBA 3-point line than the NCAA's?

For the 2007 season, the NBA three point line is 4 feet longer from the goal than the NCAA three point line at the top of the key (23 feet, 9 inches for the NBA to 19 feet 9 inches for the NCAA). However, starting in the 2008 season, the NCAA's three point line will be lengthened to 20 feet 9 inches at the top of the key.

Who are the top 5 best three point shooters in NCAA history?

Daniel Gibson

Who is the all time three point leader in NCAA women's basketball?

Diana taurasi

How is the NCAA free throw shooter determined?

The individual that was fouled, or in the case of a "technical foul", the coach may determine the shooter.

How far is a community college three point line from the basketball goal?

20 feet 9 inches, same as all NCAA three point lines

Who is the Leading all time three point scorer in ncaa basketball history?

JJ Redick

Who is the all time three point leader in the NCAA in Syracuse University basketball?

Gerry Mcnamara

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