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The late, great Tom Landry was the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys from the team's beginnings in 1960 until 1988.

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Q: Who is the Cowboys longest tenured coach?
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Who is the Dallas Cowboys longest tenured coach?

Tom Landry. 1960-1988, 28 years.

Who has the longest tenured coach in NBA?

Taking over as head coach of the San Antonio Spurs in 1996, Greg Popovich is not only the longest-tenured coach in the NBA, he is the longest-tenured coach in the four major professional North American sports leagues. Doc Rivers is the 2nd-longest-tenured NBA head coach, having assumed the head coaching position in Boston in 2004.

Who is the second longest tenured coach in the nfl?

tom landry

Who is the longest tenured NHL coach of all time?


Who holds the record for consecutive years coaching the same team in the NFL?

The longest tenured coach in NFL history was Tom Landry, who coached the Cowboys from 1960 to 1988 for a total of 29 years. The second longest tenured coach was Don Shula who coached the Dolphins from 1970 to 1995 for a total of 26 years.

Who is the Longest tenured sec basketball coach?

Rick Stansbury, Miss st

Who is the longest coaching coach in NFL history?

Tom Landry is the longest tenured coach in NFL history as he coached the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 until 1988. Jeff Fisher is the longest tenured head coach still in the league. He has coached the Tennessee Titans since 1994.

Who is currently the longest tenured SEC coach?

Mark Richt at Georgia....10 years

Who is the longest tenured coach is Division 1 College Basketball?

Jim Bohiem - 45 years as of March 2014

Who is the longest tenured college baseball coach?

John Calipari (Kentucky) Coach K (Duke) Jim Calhoun (Uconn, idk how names spelled)

Who is the longest tenured cheerleader in Dallas Cowboys history?

Vonceil Baker, an original Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader in 1972, was a member of the squad for eight seasons. Her sister, Vanessa, was with the DCC for seven seasons.

Who has the longest tenure of any coach?

Joe Paterno was an assistant for Pen state from 1950-1965 and took over as head coach in 1966. He is still the head coachJerry Sloan is the longest tenured active coach in major professional sports with 22 consecutive seasons with the Utah Jazz.

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