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At present the Vikings have a slight edge from the two teams' 2009 season.

In 2011, the Packers are currently undefeated.

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2011-12-15 00:33:28
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Q: Who is a better team the Green Bay Packers or the Minnesota Vikings?
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Who is better the Minnesota Vikings or the Green Bay Packers?


Who has a bigger rivalry Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers or the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears?

The Bears and the Packers have a bigger rivalry than the Vikings and the Packers do.

Who is more popular the Green Bay Packers or the Minnesota Vikings?

It depends on where you go. In Minnesota, the Minnesota Vikings are much more popular than the Green Bay Packers. In Wisconsin, I am sure the popularity is reversed.

Who is the oldest team the Minnesota Vikings or the Green Bay Packers?

The Packers were founded in 1919 and joined the NFL in 1921. The Vikings were founded and joined the NFL in 1961.

When did the Vikings last lose to the Packers at the Metro dome?

On November 21, 2010, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis, 31-3.

How did the Vikings land in Wisconsin?

The Vikings did not land in Wisconsin. Unless you mean the Minnesota Vikings coming to Lambeau Field in Green Bay to play the Green Bay Packers.

When is the last time the Minnesota Vikings beat green bay packers in green bay?

November 1, 2009 - the Vikings won 38-26.

What teams are in the Detroit Lions division?

Minnesota Vikings Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers

How many times have the Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers?

Green bay 49 minnesota 47 tied 1

Which teams are in the NFC north?

Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, and Green Bay Packers

What is Brett Favre best known as?

Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers (and, most recently, the Minnesota Vikings).

What is the Green Bay Packers overall record against the Minnesota Vikings?

The Packers lead the series 51-48-1, including playoffs.

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