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Edward O'Bradovich (born May 21, 1940 in Melrose Park, Illinois) is a former American football defensive end in the NFL. Drafted by the Chicago Bears in the seventh round (91st pick) of the 1962 NFL Draft, he spent his entire ten-year career with the Bears. He attended Proviso East High School in Maywood, Illinois and the University of Illinois. He currently co-hosts the "Jiffy Lube Post Game Show" after Bears games, alongside former Bear Doug Buffone on WSCR in Chicago. He currently lives in Palatine, IL. O'Bradovich played himself in the television movies Brian's Song, starring James Caan as Brian Piccolo, and Coach of the Year, starring Robert Conrad as former Chicago Bears player Jim Brandon

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Q: Who is Ed O'Bradovich?
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What is the birth name of Jim Obradovich?

Jim Obradovich's birth name is James Robert Obradovich.

How tall is Jim Obradovich?

Jim Obradovich is 6' 2".

When was Jim Obradovich born?

Jim Obradovich was born on April 2, 1953, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

When and where did baseball player Jim Obradovich die?

Jim Obradovich died March 3, 2012, in Lancaster, KY, USA.

When and where was baseball player Jim Obradovich born?

Jim Obradovich was born September 13, 1949, in Fort Campbell, KY, USA.

What has the author M M Obradovich written?

M. M. Obradovich has written: 'A study of the water balance in the Philippines' -- subject(s): Water balance (Hydrology)

What are baseball player Jim Obradovich's physical stats?

Jim Obradovich is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He weighs 200 pounds. He bats left and throws left.

When and where did baseball player Jim Obradovich play?

Jim Obradovich debuted on September 12, 1978, playing for the Houston Astros at Astrodome; he played his final game on September 29, 1978, playing for the Houston Astros at Astrodome.

What has the author John D Obradovich written?

John D Obradovich has written: 'Geochronology of the Late Cenozoic volcanism of Yellowstone National Park and adjoining areas, Wyoming and Idaho' -- subject(s): Geological time, Geology, Stratigraphic, Stratigraphic Geology, Volcanism

What were baseball player Jim Obradovich's total batting stats for 1978?

In 1978, Jim Obradovich played in 10 games, all for the Houston Astros, and batting in all of them. He had 17 at bats, getting 3 hits, for a .176 batting average, with 2 runs batted in. He was walked 1 time, 1 time intentionally. He struck out 3 times. He hit 0 doubles, 1 triple, and 0 home runs.

What were the fielding stats for baseball player Jim Obradovich playing at first base for the Houston Astros in 1978?

Jim Obradovich played in 3 games at first base for the Houston Astros in 1978, starting in all of them. He played for a total of 77 outs, equivalent to 2.85 9-inning games. He made 28 putouts, had one assist, and committed no errors, equivalent to 0 errors per 9-inning game. He had one double play.

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