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She was Babe Ruth's Mother.

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Q: Who is Catherine Schamberger Ruth?
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What is Babe Ruth's mom's name?

Catherine Schamberger Ruth

What is Babe Ruth's mom's name?

Catherine Schamberger Ruth

Who is Babe Ruth's dad?

Kate Schamberger-Ruth and George Herman Ruth, Sr. fjewioJFIO

Who are the names of Babe Ruth's parents?

Babe Ruth's mother was of German descent. Census records show Ruth's great grandfather was born in Pennsylvania and it is thought his father's side was also German, or Pennsylvania Dutch. Ruth was said to have spoken and understood German well.

Kate schamberger Ruth and George Herman Ruth were how old when Babe Ruth was born?

One biography has Kate's age at 12 when married and 15 when Babe was born and his father "much older."

Where was Babe Ruth born?

No, he had one daughter by his first wife.

When was Caspar Schamberger born?

Caspar Schamberger was born in 1623.

When did Caspar Schamberger die?

Caspar Schamberger died in 1706.

What nationality is Babe Ruth?

No one knows he was adopted by a German/Irish couple He was American. Ruth was born at 216 Emory Street in a rough neighboorhood of Baltimore, Maryland, Pigtown. Ruth's German-American parents, Kate Schamberger-Ruth and George Herman Ruth, Sr., owned a sucession of saloons and sold lightning rods.

When was Hendryk Schamberger born?

Hendryk Schamberger was born on 1968-05-11.

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