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In the regular season, Bob Allison.

Allison hit the first home run in Twins regular season history in the 7th inning of their first ever regular season game (April 11, 1961) against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

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Q: Who hit the first home run in Minnesota Twins history?
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What is the home of the Minnesota twins?


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In 2011, the Minnesota Twins hit 103 home runs.

Who did the Minnesota Twins play at their first home game at the Metropolitan Stadium?

The Minnesota Twins played their first game at the Metropolitan Stadium on April 21, 1961 against the Washington Senators. The Twins lost to the Senators by a score of 5 to 3.

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On May 5, 1997, at Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter hit his first home run against the Minnesota Twins. It was a 3 run homer, hit off of Rick Aguilera.

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The Minnesota Twins played indoors until April 12th, 2010, when they played they're first regular season game at their new home, Target Field.

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